Grace Life Fellowship is more than a name.  It summarizes who we are and what we as a church family are passionate about.  Each word in our name is indispensable to us.


God’s people are always people of grace.  God’s grace has transformed us.  It is God’s grace that has brought us new life in Christ.  The grace of God has most clearly been demonstrated through the gospel.  Through the coming of Jesus, His life, death, and resurrection grace has been extended to the world in an immeasurable way.  By God’s grace our eyes have been opened to the truth of the gospel and by grace we have been saved.  Likewise, we want to be people of grace.  God’s grace has humbled us and we want to humbly proclaim the message of God’s grace not only to our selves, but to the world as well.


As God’s grace has transformed us, it has also given us new life.  We are no longer dead in our sins, but alive to God.  We are now united to Christ through the Holy Spirit.  Now as we walk in faith we rely on the Holy Spirit to continually make us more like our Savior.  Through the means of grace that include Bible study, prayer, and fellowship the Spirit of God works and renews our life in Christ.  God’s grace does not make us dead and cold, but has made us alive and passionate.


As a family, fellowship is essential.  Because of what Jesus has done in us and for us, we love one another and we love to be with one another.  The most critical fellowship we enjoy is our Sunday worship.  There we express love and care for one another, but most importantly express our mutual love for our Savior.  While we love each other, the joy of fellowship is not limited to us.  Not only do we love one another, but we love our community as well.  Our aim is that Grace Life Fellowship would be a place through which our community would come to love and enjoy Jesus as their only hope.