Our History


The history of Grace Life Fellowship can be summed up in one word: grace. We are a testimony to the unending grace of God toward unworthy people. What we have, we received.

Grace Life Fellowship began over six years ago as a small group of dedicated believers sought to be fed the truth from God’s Word. The initial group of only 20 began meeting on Sunday afternoons in a home to listen to biblical preaching.  Initially, this group was a simple Bible study. They would gather together and listen to CDs from preachers they admired such as John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Jeff Noblit, and Steve Lawson. These CDs were giving food to starving souls!

After meeting as a Bible study for nearly a year and receiving much counsel, the group became convinced of what they needed to do: they needed to begin a new church. The meeting moved from Sunday afternoons to Sunday mornings where they gathered together to sing, hear the preaching of God’s Word, and fellowship together. This was a rich time for this young church. They were growing in God’s grace and growing in love for one another.

They soon found out they were not the only ones who were craving Biblical teaching and fellowship. They quickly doubled in size as the house was packed each Sunday to listen to preaching and fellowship together. They were still being fed from CDs and DVDs of different men as they then began to seek a shepherd for this flock.

In June of 2009 God gave this church a pastor. The church has since moved from a home, to the YMCA, to it's newest location at 809 West 2nd St. While many things have changed, much has not. The church remains committed to the Gospel, God’s Word, and Fellowship. God has given this group much more than it could ever deserve. That’s why we call it grace!