April 2013

The Infinite and the Finite

Josh Reynolds

Many in our church have benefited greatly from a little prayer and devotional book called "The Valley of Vision" which is a collection of "Puritan" inspired prayers. One of the reasons I love this prayer/devotional guide is that it enlarges my view of God and gives me fresh perspective on His character and my utter dependence upon Him. It also give me such a glorious view of the gospel. Today I prayed this prayer on the "Infinite nature" of God and how that should shape our daily lives!

"Thou Great I AM,

When My Children Act Out in Public

Chad Haygood

The title alone jumps out at you, doesn't it? Well, it jumped out at me (maybe because they act out far too often). Here is what an author of another blog said,

Before I had children, I didn't realize how much I desired and yearned for affirmation from others. God has used my boys as mirrors, reflecting back to me the pride and selfishness I didn't know were hiding in the deepest crevices of my heart. Situations....provide the opportunity for me to recognize, acknowledge, and remove the idols.

The Curse of Motivational Speaking

Josh Reynolds

Here is a quote from Pastor Conrad Mbewe on "motivational speaking vs. biblical preaching":

A News Story You Haven't Heard About

Chad Haygood

There is a story, in fact a trial, that has been going on that you may not have heard about. Unless you're a faithful watcher of Fox News or have read some of the buzz going around the internet, you may have never heard of Kermit Gosnell. Sadly, our news media has by and large chosen to ignore this issue. Even more sad is that it involves the senseless murder of children.

Do you want to attain holiness?

Josh Reynolds

A powerful quote from J.C. Ryle: