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Confessions of a Proud Man

Chad Haygood

"But when he was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction..." 2 Chronicles 26:16

Over the last few weeks, perhaps months, I've been noticing an ugly and scarey pattern in my life. My pride has been growing. Sadly, over this time span I have seen myself give in to the temptations of pride: to marvel less at the Gospel, to think more highly of myself than I ought, to be irritable with people (especially the people that I most care about), to be defensive and blame-shift, and being more begrudging about the things before me on a daily basis. It hasn't happened over night, but has been a subtle growth (though not subtle to others I am sure) in my heart over time. 

By God's grace, I was alerted to my pride. It came when, after having been served by my wife so well while I was sick, I complained and bemoaned the opportunity to serve her. The Holy Spirit was kind enough to reveal my foolishness to me and sent me on a journey of discovering that this pattern was not a new one but had been developing over a period of time. Maybe you noticed it. Maybe you've bee affected by it. If so, I'm sorry. Please tell me. I am eager to repent.

In my repentance I've been renewed with a desire to identify pride and with the Spirit's help, put it to death. I want to (in C.J.'s terms) "pursue humility by the grace of God." I want to understand the Gospel more. I want to be in awe of God's grace. I want to count others more significant than myself. I want to change.

In the kindness of God I read these words from 2 Chronicles this morning, "But when he was strong, he grew proud, to his destruction..." I was immediately reminded of the dangers of pride. It will deaden my soul. It will wreck a ministry. It can derail a church. It can destroy relationships. More importantly, pride will put me at odds with God. 

Pride is an evil thing. It will tell us to exalt ourselves for our glory but works for our destruction. I need the warning from 2 Chronicles - "beware, pride will destroy you." What I need is to see my weakness. What do I have that I did not receive? Why do I suppose that my strength has gained me anything? The Gospel reminds me that all I have brought to God is my sin and yet His love has lavished on me the riches of his grace. 

Christians, the recipients of God's marvelous grace, should be humble people. A proud Christian should be an oxymoron. We (and particularly me) need to remind ourselves of Jesus' death for proud people, heed the warning of pride's end, repent of our pride, and by God's grace pursue humility.

Thankfully, there is hope for a proud man like me. I'm amazed that my sin of pride has been paid for through Jesus' death. Now, with the help of His Spirit, I have help that I need. Today, I'm thankful for His conviction. If you're like me, don't forget that Jesus has died for you. There's no condemnation and no reason to boast. May our boast ever, and always be, in the One who humbled himself for a proud man like me.