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Why Sovereign Grace?

Chad Haygood

We recently made an exciting announcement, Grace Life Fellowship has been officially adopted into the Sovereign Grace Family of Churches! This much anticipated announcement marked a momentous occasion in the young history of Grace Life as we have now officially linked arms with the churches of Sovereign Grace. As exciting as this is, it did not come without much patience, prayer, counsel, and thought. Having walked through this process we could not be more excited to call Sovereign Grace our home, our family, our denomination.

Why are we so passionate about Sovereign Grace? Why are we so excited to be officially linked with these churches? Why did we pursue Sovereign Grace as opposed to any other denomination or network? There are many wonderful and Christ-honoring denominations and networks and yet there are many reasons why we are at home in Sovereign Grace. A list of reasons would be endless but here are five:

Gospel Centrality

Sovereign Grace is a denomination that is committed to the centrality of the gospel in all things. Across the many churches in Sovereign Grace, the one driving passion behind every one that we have encountered is a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the preaching, music, and fellowship the cross of Christ stands, takes precedence, and has impact. For all that Sovereign Grace stands for, we stand for gospel centrality. This is the song that we want to resound from Grace Life. The banner that we want to raise is the banner of Jesus Christ and we are honored to raise that banner with the churches of Sovereign Grace.

Doctrinal Agreement

If gospel centrality were not enough, Sovereign Grace is also committed to sound doctrine. Together with Sovereign Grace, we share a commitment to doctrines such as reformed theology, continuationist pneumatology, complementarian leadership, elder-governed/led churches, church planting, and interdependence. These doctrines and values are important to us. They clarify who we are as a church. To be joined together with other churches who are committed to the same doctrines is an indescribable blessing. With these common doctrinal commitments, we believe that the long-term health of our church will be protected and preserved. Though there are other denominations and networks, we find a the strongest doctrinal solidarity with Sovereign Grace.

Building Relationally

Sovereign Grace describes themselves as a “family of churches”. That may sound cliché but from our experience nothing could better describe the relationships within Sovereign Grace. Over time men and churches have invested in us on deep and meaningful levels. We have been cared for, advised, and served. We have built friendships with other pastors and have a growing affection for every church in Sovereign Grace. Getting to know Sovereign Grace has meant so much more than getting to know a denomination, we have built relationships with people and these people have invested relationally with us. We love being a part of this family.

Mission Focus

Among Sovereign Grace Churches we have found a people who are passionate about making Jesus’ name known among people who do not know Him. This family is committed to a mission focus in the local church and among the nations. The best part is that Sovereign Grace is committed to this mission by planting churches around the world. Already there are Sovereign Grace churches in Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Through the partnership among this family of churches there will be, Lord willing, more churches planted around the world. We are honored to be able to link arms with other like-minded churches to advance God’s Kingdom through the planting of healthy local churches. By partnering with Sovereign Grace we are able to do more for the advancement of the gospel than we could ever do alone.

Christ-like Character

We love that we are joined together with a family of churches that is committed to gospel centrality, sound doctrine, building relationally, and gospel mission. As wonderful as each of those is, one of the most compelling reasons we’re so excited to be a part of Sovereign Grace is the Christ-like character that we have experienced among this family of churches. Everyone that we have had the pleasure of interacting with in Sovereign Grace has demonstrated love and humility that glorifies our Savior. The people of Sovereign Grace are people that we want to be like. We want this same Christ-like character to pervade the people of Grace Life. We want to pursue humility, by the grace of God, and love one another as Christ loves us. We want to serve, care for, and encourage others with a Christ-centered affection. In Sovereign Grace we have found churches who model what we want to become. They’re certainly not perfect, but they have been saved and passionately pursue the one who is - Jesus.

For these reasons and many more, we are thrilled to call Sovereign Grace our home. We firmly believe that our partnership together will strengthen Grace Life Fellowship and help us promote the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re confident that this relationship will lead us to be more Christ-like than we could be on our own. We are humbled to be a part of this family. For us, the question has not been “Why?” but “Why not?”