7 Things to Pray for Your Children

Chad Haygood

John Bloom serves as the president of Desiring God Ministries. In a blog post posted at Desiring God today, he offers us 7 things that we can pray for our children. Those 7 things are:

1.) That Jesus will call them and no one will hinder them from coming.

2.) That they will respond in faith to Jesus' faithful, persistent call.

3.) That they will experience sanctification through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit and will increasingly desire to fulfill the greatest commandments.

The Lab of Parenting

Chad Haygood

"I never knew the depths of my selfishness until I had children." Can you relate to that quote? I can. Nothing has proved to be as sanctifying in my life like marriage and parenting. In these relationships I see my sin like never before. While that's painful it is also good for me. Follow this link and read a blog that articulates this very idea and will hopefully encourage you in these all-important relationships. Here's an excerpt:

Random Thoughts: Preaching and Children in Worship

Chad Haygood

There have been some great blogs going around the internet lately. They're so good that I certainly can't improve on them and the best thing I can do for you is point you to them. They're a little random, that is they address different issues, but if these encouragements were taken seriously, I trust our Sunday meeting would improve.

The first blog I want to introduce you to is written by Stephen Altrogge, who is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Indiana, PA. He's written a great post on encouraging us to pray for our pastors to have unction. Why? Well, here's a tid-bit:

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