Men and Women in Church

Chad Haygood

This past Sunday we covered a controversial topic from 1 Timothy: women and church leadership. We asked ourselves the question, "What does Paul mean when he says, 'I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man.'?" As we saw, Scripture's emphasis is on a woman's role as an elder-like authoritative position in the church. Women are not permitted to be placed in the role of an elder within the church. Women, like most men, are to be submissive to their church leadership and not in positions of authority.

How to Stop Church-Killing Gossip

Chad Haygood

Sadly, we've all done it. Whether we said something that we knew we shouldn't, gave information that was inappropriate, or listened to someone else, we've all gossiped. It's a constant temptation to us all and it is a terrible sin. 

New Location!

Chad Haygood

We've moved! For over a year we met on an indoor tennis court at our 18th St. YMCA. This space served us so well during that year and we are very thankful that God provided it for us. However, God has opened up another meeting space for us! We are so excited about this opportunity and believe that it will serve us even better. Our new meeting place is still with the YMCA, but at their 16th Street location.

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