Working with Unbelievers

Chad Haygood

Christian employers and Christian employees find a similar joy when in God's providence he allows these two to work together. I've heard it before, how a Christian employer at a small business makes a concerted effort to only hire Christians in their business. Similarly, I have heard Christian employees lament over working for an unbeliever. In some respects, this is completely understandable. After all, as Christians we share the deepest unity imaginable, being united in Christ. We share common beliefs and common commitments.

Sharing the Gospel

Chad Haygood

At this past family meeting, we talked a lot about sharing the gospel. Admittedly, sharing the gospel isn't always perceived as a easy thing to do. It makes us nervous. When we're thinking about sharing the gospel our palms get sweaty, we put our heads own, and we begin to doubt. Questions pop into our heads like "Is this the right time?", "What will they think?", and "How can I bring it up?"

Taking Initiative

Chad Haygood

God has called all of His children to be His ambassadors. We are called to spread the message of His love and reconciliation to everyone. That includes our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and every one else God places in our lives. 

The people God has surrounded us with are not there by accident. God has sovereignly arranged the relationships we have, the friendships we have cultivated, and the neighbors in our communities for a purpose - that we would be His ambassadors to them. 

Are You a Missionary?

Chad Haygood

Here are some great questions for us all to consider. I've taken this quote and these question from the book Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis.

"Imagine [you] are part of a church planting team in a cross-cultural situation in some other part of the world:

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