Men and Women in Church

Chad Haygood

This past Sunday we covered a controversial topic from 1 Timothy: women and church leadership. We asked ourselves the question, "What does Paul mean when he says, 'I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man.'?" As we saw, Scripture's emphasis is on a woman's role as an elder-like authoritative position in the church. Women are not permitted to be placed in the role of an elder within the church. Women, like most men, are to be submissive to their church leadership and not in positions of authority.

Leading Family Worship

Josh Reynolds

Men, one of our primary responsbilities is to shepherd our families! All other duties in our Christian lives are insignificant compared to our role in the home. God has commanded us to lead, protect, and feed our wives and children. Throughout the history of the church, one of the means for a godly home, comes in the form of leading your family in worship. Our church will only be as strong and healthy as the men and families who comprise the local church.

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