Reasons To Read Good Books

Josh Reynolds

From Tim Challies:

This weekend I spoke to a group of men down here in Nashville, Tennessee. The pastor asked me to speak to the men about reading and, specifically, why Christian men need to be readers. While what I prepared was directed specifically to men, it is applicable to both men and women. Here are four good reasons to read good books: To know, to grow, to lead, and to love.

Reading for Change

Chad Haygood

I love to read. Let me rephrase that, I REALLY love to read, perhaps to a fault. Opening a new book (and even better, finishing a book) is an exciting time for me. I love to read and gather new information and grow in understanding. Unfortunately for me, what often changes for me when I read a new book is not how I live, but how I talk. But is this how reading should change us? No! Reading should change the way that we live not just the way that we talk.

The Importance and Discipline of Reading

Josh Reynolds

I’ve recently been making my way through Mack Tomlinson’s new book, “In Light of Eternity: The Life of Leonard Ravenhill”. In this biography, Pastor Tomlinson sheds light on the spiritual life of Leonard Ravenhill. Along with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. Edwin Orr, Ravenhill was one of the few men in the 20th century who specialized in preaching and writing about genuine revival and spiritual awakening. Leonard Ravenhill was a godly man who was marked by a deep life of prayer, passionate evangelistic zeal and a powerful preaching gift.

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