The Blessing of Friends

Chad Haygood

At the very end of 2 Timothy, some of the final words that we have from the Apostle Paul before he passed into eternity, we see a surprising desire from Paul. Maybe it shouldn't be that surprising but coming from the tough, Christ-dependent, ready-for-eternity Paul it does come across somewhat surprising. What's one of his desires? He wants a friend. Isn't that remarkable? At the end of his life, as he faces unspeakable circumstances, Paul wants what you and I would want, a friend.

Relationships: Why Can They Be so Scary

Josh Reynolds

From Paul Tripp:

Why are relationship struggles so disappointing? Why do the problems we have with other people affect us so powerfully? Why is relational disappointment one of the hardest disappointments for all of us to face? Let me suggest some reasons.

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