Does Raising Hands Matter?

Chad Haygood

So these people who raise their hands in worship, are they weird? Should we all be doing it? Why does Blake ask us to? What if I don't want to? I think those are all good questions. The last thing that we should do in worship is go through the motions, no matter how much or how little the motion is. We can't just do it for no reason.

Random Thoughts: Preaching and Children in Worship

Chad Haygood

There have been some great blogs going around the internet lately. They're so good that I certainly can't improve on them and the best thing I can do for you is point you to them. They're a little random, that is they address different issues, but if these encouragements were taken seriously, I trust our Sunday meeting would improve.

The first blog I want to introduce you to is written by Stephen Altrogge, who is a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Indiana, PA. He's written a great post on encouraging us to pray for our pastors to have unction. Why? Well, here's a tid-bit:

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