Corporate Worship

We love to gather together for the purpose of worshipping God.  Not only has God called us to do so, but as Christians we have hearts that know nothing better!  When we gather together for our Sunday worship, there are a few things that we are passionate about.

The Gospel

The gospel is the most important thing to us.  Because it is, we celebrate the gospel every time we gather.  The songs that we sing reflect on the message of the gospel, the message that we preach motivates us through the gospel, and the fellowship we enjoy is an overflow of the effects of the gospel.  We talk about the gospel a lot, because there is nothing better.


Each Sunday we will spend an allotted amount of time in worship through singing.  We are led by a praise team that seeks to direct our attention to one who deserves our worship, Jesus.  Most of the songs we sing will be "contemporary" although we enjoy many hymns.  Most importantly, our endeavor is to sing songs that are not flippant, but saturated with Biblical truth.


God has made us as people who need Him.  We acknowledge our need by often bowing before Him in prayer.  Throughout our worship, we will often pray for one another and pray for God to be honored in all that we do.  We trust in His ability to open our eyes to understand His will, so we will often pray that He'll do just that.

The Bible

The Bible is God's rule that He has graciously given to us so that we can know and obey Him.  But the Bible is not just a rule, it has power.  We look to the Bible because we know that God works through the Bible to make us more like Jesus.  We can not do without it.  Therefore, we spend a great amount of our time together in the Bible.  We read from God's Word together during our service.  We also listen to preaching from the Bible.  Though not always, we typically make our way through books of the Bible, verse by verse and chapter by chapter.  Whatever the message, our preaching attempts to be as faithful to the Bible's intended meaning as possible.


An important part of our corporate gathering is our fellowship with one another.  We love one another and we enjoy getting together.  On Sundays we arrive early and stay late for the purpose of fellowshipping with one another.  On the first Sunday of each month we have a fellowship meal together where we all stay after the service and enjoy each other over great food!  We welcome all of our guests to join us.  We love meeting new people, so feel free to come.

There is much more that may go on in our Corporate Worship.  Come see for yourself.  Most of all we come together to kindle our passion for our Savior.  Worship is what God deserves and it is what we enjoy to give.