Fellowship Group Philosophy

Each week the people of Grace Life meet together in homes to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh and live. We call these groups Fellowship Groups, but they are much more than just sitting around drinking coffee (although we do that, too). These groups are the primary way that we support each other, grow in the Lord, and serve together.

Central to our Fellowship Groups are three ideas: Relationships, Spiritual Life and Fellowship.


Call us old fashioned, but we actually take relationships seriously. That may sound funny, but seriously, we do. We care practically for one another during trials and celebrate joyful occasions by having fun together. We consider it a privilege to serve in the church with other members and reach out to our communities with the light of the gospel.


Our Fellowship Groups are places of spiritual activity. We study God’s word and pray together. We cultivate an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence and minister to one another according to the gifts that God has given us. We might even sing together, but don’t worry, there are no tryouts. 


We receive teaching during our Sunday sermons and then help one another apply this teaching to grow in conformity to Jesus Christ and to overcome sin by understanding it from scripture.  We invite others to correct our thinking when it deviates from scripture, and we help each other change through confessing our sins and seeking repentance. Above all, we proclaim the gospel to all people for all of life. Yes, it’s about much more than coffee!

Want to connect with a group?  Email Garrett Watkins  - garrett@gracelifene.org

So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.—Romans 12:5