Grace Life 101

Grace Life 101 is a class that we offer to provide those interested with an introductory to  Grace Life Fellowship.  This class is offered periodically throughout the year and is available to anyone who is interested.  In this class we cover the doctrine of our church as well as the practices that we are committed to as a church family.

This class is a prerequisite for church membership.  It involves 9 lessons which can be done over the course of 9 weeks, condensed into a few, or done through an intensive 2-day course.  For those interested in church membership, this class is followed by a meeting with one of our church leaders.  That meeting is typically scheduled for a later date.

We want to be upfront and honest about what we believe as someone considers joining our church.  We want to eliminate surprises.  This class is an attempt to accomplish that the best way we can.  If you are interested in attending Grace Life 101, you can contact us or speak with a church leader.