Opportunities to Serve

Charles Spurgeon once said, “The very motto of a Christian should be, ‘I serve.’”  This echos the teaching of Jesus when He said to His disciples in Mark 10:43, “But whoever would be great among you must be your servant.”  The call to the Christian life is a call to service.  We want to be people who love to serve.  We seek to serve God, serve one another, and serve the church.

Within our church, there are several opportunities to serve.  Please consider the spiritual gifts that God has given you and consider how you may serve our local body.  Below is a list of the opportunities available to serve.  I hope that you may exercise your gift in one of these areas. 


We continually need new volunteers to serve in our nursery.  This requires one to serve approximately every 8 weeks.  You will be paired with someone else and oversee our children during our corporate worship.  This is a great opportunity to serve those parents who are seeking to grow through the preaching of God’s Word.  If you are interested please contact Meredith Haygood by emailing her at meredith.haygood@gmail.com.


We need able men who have an understanding about music to serve our church by helping set-up our sound system each Sunday.  This requires you to arrive early on Sunday morning and help connect our sound equipment.  You will also need to serve our worship team as they prepare for leading us in worship through song.  If you are interested in serving this way, please contact Blake Peshek by emailing him at blake@gracelifene.org.


At this unique stage in our church, we must set up our sound equipment and signs for Sunday morning.  This provides you with a great opportunity to serve our church by setting up on Sunday.  This requires you to arrive early on Sunday and receive direction about how you can help.  You will also need to hang around after service to help the team take down the equipment that we use each Sunday.  If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Dave Thom.


We can use an army of volunteers to help greet on Sunday morning.  This will require you to serve periodically by greeting members and guests as they arrive on Sunday.  You will need to show up early, greet, and direct attenders where they need to go.  This is a wonderful opportunity to serve our church body as well as visitors.  This also provides one with an opportunity to express the grace of the gospel as we welcome people to our church.  If you are interested in serving as a greeter, please contact Garrett Watkins by emailing him at garrett@gracelifene.org.

There are many other opportunities to serve.  Please find one.  While the opportunities above may not be your role of service, you do have a role in which you should serve.  We hope that you find one and find joy in serving!